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Thoughts on 9-11 Terror Attacks on USA

Terrorist Attack on USA/World Trade Center, writen the day of the attack.

Rays Magazine Editor writes About NY attack

USA Chart comparison:
Event ASC at 14 degrees Libra, placed in the USA chart would show Saturn to be the next Natal USA planet to rise. Natal Saturn squares Natal Sun. The 9-11 chart also shows Sun square Saturn. Authority at odds with duty and necessity. Lack of love in approach to getting what one wants. Fear a major motive power.

If we judge the Sun Square Saturn from the point of view of the Sagittarius rising USA chart, then Saturn is in the 10th house and the Sun in the 8th House. This suggests that the USA collective mentality is to desire that we be seen as sober, champions of justice, reliable and practical. However, the security seeking Cancer Sun is in the 8th House suggesting that we use collective money power to manipulate the world. We need to regenerate our consciousness of responsibility regarding the world's wealth and its use.

Another aspect of this square is that our sense of Justice, (Libra) in our county is at odds with the 'heart' of the people, Sun in Cancer ruling the 9th house of judicial thinking. This issue is complex with the 7th house of judgement having 4 planets, and involving in addition the 8th and 9th house.

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