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Beginners Astrology Tutorial
9. Inner versus outer Planets.

The planets inside the orbit of Uranus, that is Saturn inward to the Sun are the traditional 7 lights and planets put into a horoscope. These build the individuality and the personality. The 3 outer [solar system] planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, expand the human being from 'man' to 'superman'. One might look at the 7 inner planets as the person, and the 3 outer planets as the 'expanded enviroment' and the aspects between the two as one's place in the world, how one relates to the masses.

Basic keywords to the 3 outer planets are: the awakener, the sensitizer and the regenerator for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively.

Uranus is primarily a connector to the greater life through awakening to intuition and a 'radar' like sensitivity to etheric currents.

Neptune disolves or washes away a barrier to make one more empathetic, psychic, or inspirational.

Pluto rebuilds the sense of identity with spirit which was lost during the 'fall of mankind'.

Generational differences:
Because the outer planets have very slow orbits, they basically mark 'generations' of attitude and struggle with issues. Uranus takes about 7 years to transit a sign, Neptune 14 years to transit a sign and while Pluto is quite variable it takes about 21 years on average to transit a sign. Those people who have same outer planet placements will be in your 'age group' and you will share long term issues even tho as individuals you may be on opposite sides of the generational questions.

The outer planets symbolize where we contact the masses of humanity rather than individuals.

Inner Planets


Where and from what you find your greatest sense of power and motivation. Long term sense of what you are.


Instinctive feeling, habits and reactions. Things best remembered or imagined.


What is most easily observed and communicated. Mercury is the messenger of the 'Gods', the connection between the senses and inner or higher person.


The sense of appreciation, what things and people are 'worth'.


The focus of initiative, the sense of self worth.


The force which expands ones consciousness. Optimism, good luck, abstract ideas of God, philosophy, law and medicine come under Jupiter.


Saturn focuses an awareness of boundaries and position. Where one is in society, thus reputation, honor, the need to overcome.

Outer Planets


Max Heindel says that Uranus is the higher octave of Venus, giving a sense of connectedness which we identify as intuition both in science and art. Also a refined love which we call brotherhood of mankind.


Max Heindel says Neptune is the octave of Mercury giving a trancendent sense of thinking. Uranian intuition 'knows' by an inner knowing but does not know how a thing is known, but Neptunian intuition 'knows' by an inner knowing which can identify the steps of logic needed to prove and intellectially know. However, it arrives at its insights, like Uranus, with lightening speed without need to laboriously reason matters out. Neptunian love unites one with all life even beyound human brotherhood.


Pluto gives a greater sense of individuality and spiritual power and is often thought of as an octave of Mars. Pluto impells some deep soul capacity to be brought out and refined.

Sign gyphs are made of abstract symbols to represent desires.
Planetary symbols are made of three items: the circle of spirit, the half circle of soul (or feeling), and the cross of matter.

Sun symbol

The circle of spirit representing the spiritual mind. The dot in the center of the Sun may be thought of as the focal point of spiritual awareness or expression.

Where the Sun is in the horoscope you seek to shine, be recognized and express power.

Moon symbol

Two half circles of 'soul' representing feeling response leading to nuture of others. Memory of events, thinking based on feeling or memory, imagination -the making of images based on memory.

Where the Moon is you are emotionally stimulated, feel in contact with your family and the public, find a key to what you remember best. (Note also Mercury)

Mercury symbol

The circle of spirit suspended between the cross of the 5 senses and the soul of memory or receptivity to higher ideas coming from spiritual mind.

Where Mercury is you focus the mind most easily and have both the keenest observation [this impressing the memory] and best communication.

Venus symbol

Circle of spirit above the cross of matter, a refined appreciation of matter, that is harmony, beauty and worth.

Where Venus is you find a sense of values as well as valuables.

Mars symbol

The cross of matter above the circle of spirit. The cross is drawn leaning over and sharpened showing the effect of past evolution upon our self awareness and willingness to live by tempering our selfish desires. The small self (personality) or matter exalted over the individuality or principle.

Where Mars is you fight or at least assert yourself most strongly, this is where you like to begin things.

Jupiter symbol

The half circle of soul above the cross of matter showing 'higher thought' including abstract thinking, subtile feeling, faith and optimism. The perception of principle.

Jupiter is where we recognize and find opportunity, where our mind and feelings are expanded, where spiritual impulse is fulfilled.

Saturn symbol

Cross of matter above the half circle of soul, where material life dominates feeling. Neccessity and need to fulfill are Saturn experiences.

Where Saturn is we find our greatest challenge (typically) and recognition of our self worth in terms of how we relate to others.

Uranus symbol

Two half circles of soul crossing the limbs of the cross of matter which is placed above the circle of spirit. Here the 'radar' screens are turned to both the past and future, the etheric and mental impressions by raising the vibrational level of the human body. Uranus is magnetic, freedom loving, lightening like intuitions.

Where Uranus is we expect freedom and will accept nothing less than origanality and freedom at least in the long run.

Neptune symbol

The half circle of soul turned upward to higher dimentions and crossing the upper staff of the cross indicating that the vibrational level of the human body is again raised by Neptune. Neptune as a planet is said to be from 'out of our solar system' and it symbolizes information that comes from without of our soul system through information as might come by clairvoyance, idealism or prophetic dreams.

Where Neptune is we are at our most sensitive and inspirational as well as where we are most likely to be deceived by self or others.

Pluto symbol

The three components, circle of spirit, half circle of soul and the cross of matter are again present as they are in Mercury but arranged differently. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, that is the intermediate senses which carry information from the senses to the spirit within. Pluto shows the spirit within the soul above the cross of matter indicating the perfected 'mankind' which results from regeneration. Pluto marks the spot where spirit goes into limitation, the underworld, in order to be released into full power and growth.

Pluto marks the spot where we are forced to release a spiritual power or understanding. Reform of some type is called for by Plutonian energy.

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