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Planets are People

Note: this key word collection comes primarily from Alan Leo's "Art of Synthesis", pages 6-10, however it is edited and should not be considered a quote.(Blame me for the errors!)
For further sources see "Message of the Stars" by Max Heindel.
The best article, in my opinion, on "Planets are People" is "Studies in Astrology, Vol. 1, Ch. III."
Outer/People:Kings, Rulers, Father, Men, Boss, Heads of Nations or business or family. Places of ruling activity. May include females in authority, I.E. Queens, etc.
Consciousness:Consciousness of power, sense of dignity, authority, confidence, grandeur, pride, ambition, ardour, generosity, will, vitality.
Body:Heart, circulation, arteries, eyes, spinal cord, vital force, firmness, ruler of character, fond of grandeur or ceremony, organizing and coordinating power and vision.
Outer/People:Mothers, wives, women in general, common people, water and liquids, sailors, fishermen, brewers, ships, food.
Consciousness:Sensation, instincts, impulses, feelings in home and domestic life, habits, caution, receptivity, imagination, impressionability, changeableness, psychic ability especially for others feelings.
Body:Substance versus vitality (Sun), stomach, digestion, bladder, breasts, womb, female functions, cerebellum, base of brain, eyes. (Some sources give Right eye to Sun & Left eye to Moon.)
Outer/People:Writers, editors, authors, speakers, teachers, professors, scientists, thinkers, laweyers, booksellers, messengers. Schools, colleges (higher learning see also Jupiter), places of teaching/learning, science, literature, printing, publications. Connected to merchants requiring skill and intelligence. Also servants, employees, skilled workers.
Consciousness:Thought, reason, intelligence, intellect, knowledge, cunning, subtlety, speach & memory. [Intelligence is more than Mercury, as Mercury is primarily the messenger of intelligent thought.]
Body:Brain and nervous system. Speach organs, hands. Obviously Aries & Taurus are involved for Brain & speach. Lungs, arms and hands are Gemini. Small intestine is the realm of Virgo/Mercury.
Outer/People:Sweethearts, wives, young children. Beautiful objects, things of luxury and pleasure, whatever is valued, jewels, toys, fine clothes, flowers, art, dance, singing, acting for pleasure (Sun is involved too).
Consciousness:Affection, emotions of love, aesthetic sense, appreciation of beauty, elegance, good taste, comfort-pleasure. Note that Moon and Cancer are also comfort oriented.
Body:Throat, kidneys, partial affinity to generative system, lovely features, complexion hair, etc as these express beauty.
Outer/People:Soldiers, surgeons, chemists, butchers, barbers, construction workers, machinists, iron and steel workers, firemen, workers with death, athletics and where ever courage, enterprise and competition abound.
Consciousness:Courage, bravery, enterprise, positiveness, self reliance, desire, passion, impulse, combativeness, anger, competitive.
Body:External head, nose & sense of smell, generative system, gall bladder, fevers, burns, eruptions, scalds, surgery, blood shed, sharp pains.
Outer/People:Priests, ministers, judges, magistrates, occupations associated with religion & law (abstract thought), courts of justice, universities, students in same [higher education versus Gemini/Mercury primary school.] Official public functions, health resorts and hospitals, physicians, theatres, charities, philanthropic organizations.
Consciousness:Combination of feeling and thought [Wisdom], benevolence, good jovial nature, socialability [Venus too], hope, optimism, devotion. [Luck = a constructive use, good timing resulting from blending feeling and thought.]
Body:Feet, thighs, liver, blood, muscles [see also Mars], growth, some of digestion [see also Moon].
Outer/People:Farmers, builders, rock workers, conservationists, miners, gardners, plumbers, ascetics, open and or mountain country. 'Earth', graves.
Consciousness:Concrete mind tending to seperation, comfortable in isolation, emotion is helt in check, cold, deliberate, strong self control, strong self concentration, specialist, thoughtful, practical, prudent, chaste.
Body:Bones, teeth, spleen, diseases produced by cold, rheumatism, falls, melancholia.
Outer/People:Strong willed, eccentric, rulers, electrical and electronic workers, occulists, hypnotists, those in new and uncommon occupations.
Consciousness:Will, free conscious choice, love of freedom, independence, originality, sudden intuitive understandings without knowing how the answer was obtained. Feelings for brother of mankind.
Outer/People:Democratic and popular movements, mystics, dreamers and visionaries, prophets, psychics and medimums, con artists.
Consciousness:Intuition that knows the steps to a conclusion, psychic faculities, subtile feelings, inspiration. Feeling kinship for all life.
Outer/People: Reformers, releasers/organizers of large power [Atomic energy, large organizations], mobs, underworld.
Consciousness:Call to change, deep compulsions, spiritual urge to regeneration, activies requiring co-operation amoung a great many individuals.
"Studies in Astrology, Vol. 1, Chapter III, by Elman Bacher"

The following snipets are a condensation of quotes from the chapter:

Planets Are People

The identity of relationships through the study of a horoscope is one of the most subtle and difficult problems with which the psychological astrologer has to deal. ...... relationship between two people is not a thing of flesh or man- made law, but of the essence of feeling ... The occultist knows that a deep bond between two people cannot spring into being at the very first contact of the persons concerned....

There is only one possible end for any relationship between two people--and that is fulfillment. No bond of hatred is ever left "hanging in the wind.".....

The creative original individualist, in any field of endeavor, represents a threat to the crystallized orthodox person. These prototypes may be described as, or symbolized by, Uranus and Saturn, respectively. .....

The conflicting phases of feminine nature are illustrated by the "maternal woman" and the "sweetheart woman." .... Mrs. Moon-Jupiter-Saturn develops an implacable hatred for that hussy, Miss Venus-Uranus, and sees in her a threat to the peace of home and respectable living. The latter regards her hardworking, dowdy sister as a pitiful fuddy-duddy who has forgotten the meaning of romance. ....

A tragic problem--and there are many such--is represented by parental interference. A person who, in the past, neglected his opportunities may be karmically drawn to a parent who is very egoistic and possessive........... Other sources of experience are ignored, friendships become more and more meaningless; spiritual, mental, and psychological atrophy result.....

... importance of an experience depends on the reactions to the event of the person concerned,.... and since our experiences come to us as objectifications of what is indicated in our horoscopes through our "interchange" with other people, is it not logical to interpret the aspects of the chart as people? In the soul-vibration of another person is found a correspondence with something in your own nature which is indicated in your chart.

If the aspect should be a negative one (square or opposition), your contact with that person stirs into being a negative or destructive reaction. You call that reaction "fear" or "jealousy" or "hatred." You say, "I fear that man," or "I envy that man," or "I hate that man." That is what you say, but in the light of astrology, that is not what you really mean. What you mean actually is: " That man served to remind me of something negative in my nature. ...

The man or woman you describe as your worst enemy is the person whose horoscope, in some way, corresponds with your worst aspect. That person might be anyone:... Use that painful reaction as a barometer of your own spiritual state.

... The artist in man has, for ages past, sought to interpret in verse, songs, and pictures, his concept of life as a Great Battle. ...

Sorties, skirmishes, and battles-to-the-death--all phases of this Conflict--are shown in each horoscope. The aspirant contains within himself the field upon which the claims of destiny contend with everything in his nature that urges him forward and upward. He must, if he would triumph, attain as clear an understanding as possible of the nature of the enemy that abides in his subconscious. This enemy has aides-de-camp in the form of the squares and oppositions, but his headquarters is the 12th house. It is there that the plans are made, the traps are set, the shackles are forged and the nets of illusion are woven. The light of day seldom penetrates to this cave, for the enemy and his minions prefer darkness for their labors. The aspirant can dispel the shadow only with the light of "self-knowledge."

Since each experience represents a triumph or (temporary) defeat in the battle, and since each experience is brought about by contact with another person--or persons, those people whose planetary energies serve to stimulate the afflicted ruler or occupant of the aspirant's 12th house must be viewed and studied by him with the attitude that they objectify his innermost possibilities for self-defeat. And--those people can be anyone;... ...

[Read Afflicted PLANET rules 12th:, include occupant planets too.]

Afflicted Sun rules 12th: Power is the key to this karmic lesson. ....

Afflicted Moon rules the 12th: Womanhood is the key to this karmic problem. ... when the aspirant used a female body, . ...

Afflicted Saturn rules the 12th: The karma is repression. The "enemy" is Crystallization.

Afflicted Neptune rules the 12th: The Enemy is deception. This "enemy," because of its subtlety, is a difficult one to defeat. Treachery, betrayal, mental confusion, and perversion, constitute its armor. cious conditioning which results in illusion and deception.

So it is with the other planets: Uranus (unbalance), Jupiter (extravagance and greed), Venus (possession), Mercury (thought), and Mars (manhood and sex.) Each one, as afflicted ruler or occupant of the twelfth, indicates a certain group of people who serve, however unconsciously, as one's most valued teachers.

The mechanics of relationship provide the occult student with a perfect "field of research" for the study of alchemy. ...

... In attaining a detached and impersonal viewpoint of a relationship, we realize that terms used as "husband-wife," "parent-child," "brother-sister," and "lover-beloved" are as garments to be worn for identification on the physical plane. The essence of these relationships is found superphysically, on the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

This essence, its purpose, and its reality are found in the mutual conjunctions of the two horoscopes. Two agencies of Spirit find their expression through the same degree (approximately) and the horoscopes are thereby riveted together like two boards--each mutual conjunction being a nail. A perfect classical example of "alchemy ...

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