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Beginners Astrology Tutorial
8. The Ascendant.

Much of what we need to say about the ascendant is already writen in our OUTLINE FOR HOROSCOPE DELINEATION.

Let us continue with thoughts on the ASCendant.

Look at your birth chart. What sign and planets were on the Eastern Horizon? Why did you chose to begin life with that sign on the horizon? Do you still like to begin any new things, meetings, approach to life with the characteristics of that sign? Do others notice the nature of that birth rising sign and 1st house planets are still prominent in your nature?

Max Heindel explains that the ascendant is built of the forces of both the Sun and Moon. That the place of the ascendant at birth, was the same place or its opposite degree to where the Moon was at the time of conception. That is, the ascendant is a key to nervous system vitality (Sun) and habit (Moon).

Imagine that your psyche is a multiple layer of colored celophane. Prehaps the Sun sign is the inner layer of celophane. The Moon sign is the middle layer of 'color' and the outer layer most obvious to your public is the Ascendant sign 'coloring'.

Whan a sign is rising, the character of that sign will be obvious in that persons temperment and habits, that is how the person reacts to environment including what one is comfortable with. While this is true also if it were the Moon in that sign, the Moon may be obvious in habit, but more obvious when the person is emotionally excited. The Ascendant character is always prominent, but Moon character becomes more obvious under stress. The Sun in a sign lends stability and warmth, shows itself in long term interests and goals, life long motivation.

For a discription of each sign, each planet, each planet in a sign, each planet in a house and aspects between the planets:
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