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Hidden destiny: the 12th house

For good background material on the 12th house:
Studies in Astrology
Elman Bacher
Volume II: Chapter 6: Neptune Patterns: The Twelfth House

Volume I: Chapter 3: Planets Are People

The Message of the Stars
Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel

In the circle of the signs, Aries is considered to be the first sign and Pisces the 12th or last sign. As a picture of incarnation, the cycle of the signs must "end" with the spirit having acquired greater power, increased love, insight and skill in living. Jupiter as focus of Sagittarius is insight and intuition. The water signs have to do with retained images, that is memory. Jupiter as focus of Pisces is the focus of spiritual memory which in the majority of mankind manifests as 'the still small voice', conscience, hunches, unexplained likes and dislikes. On the negative side, this memory can be the tendency to habits which are not in our best interest. Every cycle of incarnation should end with greater wisdom and love of God. Examine the sign and aspects of Jupiter, also the ruler or occupant of the 12th house for signs that our 'spiritual memory' contains lessons and skill or the reverse, 'unfinished business'. Positive aspects and placement of Jupiter, or planets associated with the 12th house show where we have good luck, actually merit to protect us from harm or bring us opportunity. Negative patterns show where we have habits to overcome, ignorance to replace with wisdom.

In the affairs of mankind, beginnings are clouded in the mists of past time, events seem to be beads on a spiral which has no beginning or end.

In this view, the 12th house is 'background' or foundation to the 1st house. The 1st house is the visible and obvious 'physical' activity of birth or other life activity. The 2nd house is the future events toward which the 1st house moves. The 12th becomes the psychological motivation which gives rise to the 1st house activity.

The 3rd house is like Mercury [Gemini], observation, reading, simple direct communication with fellow students or siblings.

The 6th house is like Mercury [Virgo], communication of a service nature, here knowledge is turned to skill. The relationship involves mentoring.

The 9th house is the reflection of the 3rd, here communication takes on a dimension of 'greatness'. The distance may be physically long, cross cultural barriers, or cross the great divide between the sexes or ideally even between man and divinity.

The 12th house reflects the 6th and here one is mentored or served by society or one is forced against ones will to serve society.

The hierarchy of beings (human, angel, and above) is symbolized in reverse order from Pisces (12th sign) to Aries (1st sign). Each step in reverse order from Pisces is higher in consciousness than the one previous. Thus the hierarchy of Pisces, the lowest on the order of intellectually conscious beings is composed of humanity. Thus Pisces and the 12th house vibrate to hierarchy of humanity. To be served by the highest and best of Pisces or the 12th house is to meet with the exalted of humanity. Remember that as you are forced to go to the hospital.

If there individuals in your life who represented the worst of humanity, ask how that fits with your need to learn certain lessons. Your 'spiritual memory' is showing you what you were in the past and what internally still needs redeeming. Your tendency to act similar to what you 'see but do not like' may be strongly repressed or opposed to your moral nature of today, but perhaps one final battle must be won before you can say calmly with St. Paul, "none of this moves me".

All humanity to some extent is now in a period when it is necessary to face the necessity of lessons of power, which power has origins hidden from view. Out enemies are not open but hidden, their motives seemingly the noble ideals of Sagittarius but will in many cases be colored by old hates, unforgiven injustices, and vague fears.

At this time Pluto urges transmutation and fulfillment of the higher mind of religion and philosophy. The world atmosphere is filled with the urge to focus on the difference between cultures, religions and sexes. Whether we celebrate these differences and grow or lock ourselves into the pattern of belief we are born with is the challenge of our spiritual growth. Most will choose to grow, a few will choose to stay with appreciation of only one culture, race, sex or religion. A few will choose to forsake their birth philosophy and convert to another viewpoint, but in the end these individuals may serve to help bridge two cultures or religions.

The people of the USA, at this time in our history need to look at certain issues of power. The present leader of the US, George W. Bush, will show through his horoscope lessons that are appropriate to both himself and the nation in general. The Sun in the 12th house, lessons of power expressed to manipulate rather than nurture or share. George's father was head of the CIA an organization of secrets and manipulations from behind the scenes. Cancer, lessons of security (home and homeland). With 27 degrees Aquarius on the 8th house, Aquarius and Pisces share his 8th house. Ruler Saturn in Cancer indicate an underlying insecure fear of lack. Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius is his 1st planet in elevation and in zodiacal position. Uranus is sextile to Venus of charm and attraction, and trine to the last planet zodically in his chart, Jupiter placed in the 3rd house and co-ruler of Pisces and his 8th house. Genius in communication (Gemini 3rd sign), and inheritor of knowledge due to a planet connected with the 8th house, Jupiter, placed in the 3rd house. To top it off, Mercury is conjunct Pluto in the 1st house, sign Leo. The power of communication, use of knowledge, and protection with charm will be George W. Bush's obvious assets.

What lessons do USA people share with our temporary leader? George Bush's 3rd house Jupiter and Moon square the 12th house Sun and Saturn. The temptation to say the 'warm fuzzy but insincere and inaccurate' words to hid the true motive is his challenge. The USA populace fact the same challenge to maintain an honest relationship to the world, speak truthfully and live so that our motives match our words.

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