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Christ through the Zodiac

Sign Ruler Exalted Christ Consciousness Cycle ends Qualities developed.
Aries Mars Sun Knowledge of the true self. Led by spirit.Pisces Union with divine.
Taurus VenusMoon What is valuable is what nurtures the soul. Aries Beginnings are eternal.
GeminiMercury[?] Knowledge is important only as it elevates to understanding. TaurusTrue value of knowledge is in application.
Cancer MoonJupiter and Neptune The world becomes a family to nurture. GeminiGreatest knowledge comes from intuition and personal contact.
Leo Sun[?] Personal loves becomes light of the world. Cancer What begins in love and power, ends in nurture and self image.
Virgo MercuryMercury Take apart, leave out the dross and reassemble in purity. Leo What begin in servitude ends in power and love.
LibraVenusSaturn Indecision ends in duty and stablilty. Virgo Union with the divine ends with the pure at heart who see God.
ScorpioMars and Pluto Uranus Union with divine brings freedom.Libra Emotiotional fire controlled leads to balance.
SagittariusJupiter[Neptune?] Divine mind understands all, unites with all. Scorpio To know God is to feel intense devotion.
CapricornSaturnMars Humility leads to personal power.Sagittarius Humility leads to administering of divine affairs.
AquariusSaturn and Uranus[Mercury?] Detachments leads to correct and intuitive understanding. Capricorn What begins in the impulse of brotherhood ends in exaltation of position.
PiscesJupiter and NeptuneVenus Sympathy and compassion become an inspirational (divine led) art. Aquarius What begins in bondage ends in personal freedom.

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