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Mercury: led by Logic

Planet Gemini Aspect to Mercury Virgo
SunNobility to mind
Long term interests
Intellectual Purposes
Self in terms of intellect.
Adds purpose and power of choice to curosity and speach. Sun-Virgo.
Love/Power of analysis.
Mental purpose in life.
MercuryFacility in observation and communication. Loves books, magazines, radio, TV, libraries. Can not aspect itself. Analysis and critical thinking ability is great.
Good chemist and interest in material medicine.
VenusBalance, sees both sides of questions. Observant of color, blends, form and proportions. Speach becomes musical, poetical or at least polite and sweet. Easy to listen too. Harmony in work.
Venus in fall: too critical of love and active mind overlooks beauty.
MoonRhythm. Comfortable talking. Gives help verbally. Feels comfortable in library, around books, etc. Good memory of observations. Communicates feelings well. Gives nurture and comfort using knowledge. Habits of cleanliness and critical attitude.
Comfortable helping others.
MarsPenetrating. Sharp mind. Keen observation. Loves debate. Challenged by intellectual problems, puzzles. Fast sharp mind, loves debate. Has courage to question. Mechanical ability. Penetrating mind in analysis.
May be overly critical.
JupiterBreath of view. Believes in science. Over compensates through volume of information. Studies faith. Communicates concepts well. Broad minded. Faith and service go together.
May be overly critical of faith. Science replaces faith.
Loves a 'mountain' of details.
SaturnDepth of view. Cautious in science. Interest in history or something old and established. Serious, conservative and concentrated. Analysis based on tradition or past.
Thorough and steadfast in work.
UranusIntuition, quick leaps of logic, progressive in viewpoint. Mars quickness is surpassed by Uranian intuition. Universal sympathies begin to flower in some direction. Progressive in communication. Analysis by leaps of logic, difficult to understand.
Servant to a Universal cause.
NeptuneInspiration. Attracted to poetry. Appreciates the subtile. Communicates with the spirits. Understands the spirit of communication, abstract painting. The mind experiences moments of inspiration and other worldliness, hunches and intuition common. Telepathy possible, as also is a inner war between psychic senses and scientific ideas. Analysis has a other worldly thinking flavor.
PlutoReformation. Interested in the Science of Mind, especially as related to healing. Can be mesmerizing or at least highly effective in reaching large numbers of people. A mind penetrating into deeply hidden secrets, scientific or otherwise. Salvation of health through both drugs and progressive mind control habits.
AscendentPerception is important to personality. Observations affect mood. Intelligence important in self image. Comfortable traveling. Facility in observation and communicating ability prominent feature of personality. Nervous, highly developed sense of curosity. Works with mind.
MidheavenPosition in education or communication. Ability to communicate highly instrumental in professional success. Rises high in life due to ability to serve all.
The rising sign in a horoscope of a nativity can be intrepreted as the key to "leadership" in the life as follows:
Aries or Scorpio: Led by Mars. Enterprise and initiative are strong.
Taurus or Libra: Beauty and harmony call the native to enjoyment of life.
Gemini or Virgo: Lead by logic, love of knowledge. Hear Ye the distant book calling from yonder library.
Sagittarius or Pisces: Something greater than ordinary life is the drummer heard by these natives.
Capricorn or Aquarius: The vision is of the heavy or the old to be shouldered whether a difficult high office or an ancient mystery.
[Uranus, Neptune and Pluto co-rulerships are not considered in this thumbnail sketch.]

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