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Beginners Astrology Tutorial
5. Angular, succedent and cadent houses.

In the wheel above, we have colored houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 red.
Houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 have been colored green.
Houses 3, 6, 9 and 12 have been colored blue.

Motivation to action experience.

This color aid is to convey the idea that the angular houses (1, 10, 7 and 4) are the most obvious part of the life to others in that these houses are the life activities, the angles of the chart. The quality of the signs on the angles answer the question(s) about what impells one to action. Alan Leo has stated, "The four Angular houses I, IV, VII, X, come first in importance in a horoscope; indeed they are so much the essential part of the map that the other houses, as previously remarked, look like little more than subdivisions of these four." [Esoteric Astorlogy, by Alan Leo page 50] Or in other words, the angles are 'foreground' and the other houses are 'background'.

Motivation to desire/feeling experience

The next division, houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 are the succedent houses whose affairs are the slow moving, longer lasting areas of experience. These houses answer the question about what impells you to 'feeling' experience.

Motivation to cognitive ('psychic' or mental) experience.

The last division of the chart are the cadent houses. The signs on the cadent houses answer the question(s) about what impells you to think, analyize, use intuition, visualize, etc. In other words these houses are involved with the 'mental'.

Angular Houses

Cardinal signs on the angles of a chart impell one to action, physical and or mental. This is inclines to executive type lives.
Fixed signs on the angles of a chart bring desire into action and produce actions slow to start and slow to stop. Sometimes stubborness. Research is favored.
Cadent signs on the angles impell to flexabilty, many changes and travel. Action is impelled by thought more than feeling.

Succedent Houses

Cardinal signs on the house cusps of 'desire' bring activity and 'new beginnings', turning points in the life into the affairs of money, speculation, teaching, love affairs, children, healing and friends.
Fixed signs on on succedent houses is a 'natural' placement and makes for duration in values, loves, etc associated with these houses.
Cadent signs on succedent houses brings thought into the affairs of feeling. Cognition or 'awareness' strongly affects feeling and in some cases may mimic feelings. I.E. thinking about love is mistaken for love.

Cadent Houses

Cardinal signs on cadent houses cause the mind to be very active and devoted to activity of an executive nature.
Fixed signs on cadent houses impart concentration to the mental focus. Good memory and attention results.
Cadent signs on mutable houses is 'natural' and thus shows how various types of cognition impell one to think and express ones thoughts.

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