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Lift Up Thine Eyes or Who Rules this World?

A farmer bought a rocky and hard field. Much labor was given to carrying the rocks off to form a fence. The ground was tilled, grass and other organic matter was added to improve the soil. Fruit trees and vines were planted, vegetables also were planted. One day a minister came along and remarked to the farmer that it was truly great what God could do with a field in making food and beauty. The farmer replyed "You should have seen the field when God had it alone." This comment brings up the question, who rules this world? Probably you have enjoyed singing the hymn, "This is my Fathers World."

Jesus tells us than not a sparrow falls without the Father knowing. Realistically, not a sparrow falls without the Father's permission. The Father is King of the world and the Great Prince of administration is the heavenly host consisting of Angels, Archangels and higher beings. Because these beings have the capacity to maintain oneness with the Father's will it is academic to separate the King from the Grand Prince, the many beings who actively administer this world's affaris. Is this the only prince of this world? No, in Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 1:28 the heavenly host 'makes man in our image' and gives dominion over various parts of the earth to mankind. Is mankind the only junior prince of this world? No, in Job 1:6 and Job 2:1 Satan is 'a son of God' and in Job 2:6 "And the Lord said unto Satan, behold, he is in thine hand; but save his life." (He refers in this case to Job, symbol of humanity.) So Satan is also junior prince over this world's affairs within limitations set by God. In Matthew Chapter 4, Satan temps Jesus and after Jesus refuses to fall, 'angels ministered unto him.' Satan tells Jesus that if Jesus will only worship him that he (Satan) will give all the world to Jesus. Jesus neither denies or confirms that Satan can do this but replys that God only is to be worshiped. So, are Satan and humanity the only junior princes of this world? No, the Lucifer spirits, refered to in Genesis as the 'Serpent' also have access to humanity within limits set by God. In order that we may minimize the affect of Satan and Lucifer upon us, God gives us knowledge of the Law for the Law is our refuge. In order to further minimize the effect of Satan and Lucifer we have the Christ which is 'Love of God' or the Law obeyed out of Love rather than fear. [See Matthew 4:8-10]

So the three junior princes of this world are Mankind, Satan and Lucifer. We three are adversaries and we three have so made a mess of our world that 2000 years ago the King [God] said to the Chief Prince, the heavenly host, that the 'Only Begotten Son' must be sent to save the three junior princes. Naturally, we three junior princes promptly crucified the Son and he laughingly replyed by transmutting his material body into a body of magnetism and light and joyfully appeared behind locked doors to those who loved him and told them that swords, nails and crosses could not hurt him. He did say that what could hurt him was the pain we experience in our hearts as the result of our sins. This is because Christ is the indwelling Spirit of God's Love in our hearts constantly seeking to awaken us to His presence and lead us to acknowledge Him as Master. Legend has it that during the 3 days before resurrection that Jesus spent time in Hell helping the other junior princes and many were set back on the straight and narrow way just as amoung humanity many have set their eyes back on the road to heaven. We three junior princes remain adversaries yet we should keep in mind that our Savior came for all of us not just for humanity alone.

Mankind as a unit leaves the heavenly world, the city of peace (Jerusalem), enteres the material world of limitation (captivity) and eventually makes it way back to heaven, the New Jerusalem which is greater than the Jerusalem we left because we now have Virtue not just innocence, first hand knowledge to aid in understanding the wisdom given by God and the other soul changes wroght in the furnace of affliction.

In a given individuals life, the same pattern exists of leaving heaven, entering limitation and returning to heaven (New Jerusalem).

Paul said he 'died daily'. Coming from heavenly sleep to waking consciousness and returning to heavenly sleep is a pattern of 'dying daily'.

Even in our thought processes, we start with an idea, the abstract picture in spiritual matter. This idea is projected into thought substance, a limiting condition and then is released from consciousness, a process which may take a few seconds. So the above pattern is universal.

Chapter 1.
The book of Daniel starts with a repeat of this pattern. Children of the heart (Judiah) living in the land of 'those who see God' (Israel) are taken into captivity (limitation) by the troops of the King of Babalon (the physical world).

The main characters are Daniel (God is my Judge) and King Nebuchadnezzar (Protected by Nebo). Nebo is Mercury or logic and more as power is also implied. Simply put Daniel is heart wisdom and Nebuchadnezzar is the head and the power and sense of security it gives in the material world. Daniel addresses Nebuchadnezzar as 'a King of Kings'. Is Daniel being polite or does Daniel mean that Nebuchadnezzar is God, the true ruler of Kings? No, of course not. Daniel means that Nebuchadnezzar symbolizes 'Logical mind wedded with desire' the typical ruler of earthy kings. Supporting characters are other kings, and Daniel's friends, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, made famous by trial in the firey furnace. We may interpret each of these characters as phases of character development or as components within the psyche. Typically we of today are 'kings' like Nebuchadnezzar, we have our great logic and science and have been blessed with seeming power and possession of the world's things. Nebuchanezzar is not only king of Babelon, but his dreams mark him as one 'called by God' to 'return to the Father'. He is the beginner on the path of holiness as many of us are. Daniel symbolizes wisdom or one who is mature on the path of holiness.

Daniel and friends feel the calling to refine their diet inaccordance with the inner light and so arrange to become vegetarians, a recommended step for all who want to refine the 'temple of the Spirit'.

Chapter 2.
Nebuchadnezzar has a dream which is forgetten. None of the wise men or astrologers can interpret a dream which is not known. Daniel has the capacity to be in touch with God and thus is qualified to recover the dream and interpret correctly its message. The dream is of a figure with a head of Gold, breasts and arms of silver, a brass belly and thies(sp), legs of iron and feet of iron mixed with clay. A historical intrepretation is recorded. But all of humanity has had a dream which is forgotten, a dim memory that we come from a place where our consciousness is bathed in Golden light and from which we have discended stepwise to a condition well discribed as "feet of clay mixed with iron." The first step on the path is to recognize our spiritual source.

Chapter 3.
Nebuchadnezzar sets up a image of gold which all are to worship. This probably symbolize beliefs in the infalibility of the power of brain thought. Daniels three friends refuse to bow to this brain power knowing the mind in touch with God is greater than logic. The king tries the three in the firey furnace 'heated seven times its normal temperature.' The three are joined by a fourth which symbolized Daniel's company. It also brings to mind Christ's statement that "where two or more are gathered in my name, there will I be also." This may well have been a historical experience where three aspirants to the truth were protected by an angel of the Lord, but it also represents an inner experience which all aspirants experience at some point on the journey of Holiness.

Chapter 4.
Nebuchadnezzar wants to share the signs and wonders which God has granted him. Nebuchadnezzar has a dream of a great tree which includes a Watcher and a Holy One. This tree is hewed down but the root is left. In every aspirants life a time comes when the subconscious mind must be completely regenerated. The king of great worldly power must be reduced to an animal level of simple child like mind that the mind may be completely spiritualized. At the end of seven years of eating grass, Nebuchadnezzar lifted his eyes to heaven and both his sanity and kingdom was restored to him. Jesus also said to the disciples that to enter the kingdom of heaven required a humility and simplicity like that of a little child.

Chapter 5.
After the kingdom was restored to Nebuchadnezzar, his son Belshazzar reined. In the midst of his eating, drinking and making merry he commanded to bring Gold and Silver vessels originally taken from the temple in Jerusalem. The son symbolizes the King in his new life, but who must completely die to the things of the world in order to go on his spiritual life. And literally, Belshazzar is dead at the end of the chapter by the hand of the incoming king, Darius.

Chapter 6.
Darius rules. Darius is a state of mind permeated by Wisdom but not yet made perfect. Some men seek to trap Daniel. Daniel is past being tempted by his failings, and must be now be tempted by his virtues. [See writings of Corrine Heline] So the enemies get the king to make a law that only by Darius (exalted mind) may a petition be made. When Daniel prays to his God he is seen and brought before the king. Daniel is ordered to be thown into the Lions Den. However, Daniels purity allows God to protect him. Those who judged Daniel are next thrown into the Lion's Den, they are not pure of heart and suffer a far worse fate than Daniel. "Judge not least ye be judged in the same measure" is one of the principles brought to mind by this story.

In the first books of Daniel, the king has visions which are intrepreted by Daniel. In the last 6 chapters, Daniel has the visions which are given intrepretation by angelic messengers within the dream. This is the stage of development called 'God taught.' Saul reached this stage after his vision which changed him into Saint Paul. The first 6 chapters are the lesser mysteries and the last chapters are the Greater Mysteries.

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