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Subject: Evolution vs Creation

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 10:57:10 -0700
From: Dewey Ross Duffel
To: [Letter to Radio Host/Editor re evolution controversy]

I am a member of a discussion group. One of our members, ... shared information about a recent radio show about the Evolution/Creation controversy.

I did not hear the discussion but thought prehaps you might find the following personal thoughts and opinions interesting.

The mention of the Creation versus Evolution controversy evokes in my minds eye the following image: A proponent of the idea that God, a creative intelligence, created the world in 1 instant or prehaps 7 short instances versus an opponent who holds that the world was created in a series of steps which steps arose purely by accident.

These two views hold for me each an obvious truth and an obvious error.
First, there is nothing in Genesis which requires we accept the English word 'day' as meaning anything other than the corresponding Greek translation of 'Aeon'.

Secondly, there is nothing in the physical records of Earth's Geology which suggests that Evolution is an accident.

Combining what I think is the obvious truth of both view points, 'A Creative Intelligence planned and executed the creation of the Cosmos in a series of steps which began in the distant past and which continue today.'

Lets take a look at Genesis in a view point that is little helt and almost as little known. Imagine for a moment that the originators of Genesis were human beings with highly developed perceptive faculties which allowed them to view imperishable records within nature herself which show directly the creative process.

Thus Genesis becomes a document of Spiritual Science.
The first part of Genesis speaks about 7 creative periods in which Man appears last. This is Evolution. The second part of Genesis speaks about Man being first, this is Involution, the decent of the real man which is first into the form of man which is last. The real man is a spiritual being whose existance proceeds the form into which real man finally decends. Genesis tells that both Evolution and Involution were planned orderly steps.

Thus Genesis as a scientific text has the following advantages over modern material scientific documents:
1. Since it discusses both Evolution and Involution, and it contains both material and spiritual view points, it is thus more comprehensive.
2. Genesis is both accurate and scientific.
3, It addresses the fact that Creative Intelligence is behind Creation.

Genesis has the following drawbacks compared to modern material text books:
It is very condensed.
In covering both material and spiritual facts it becomes very difficult to understand. In fact, with out proper keys, the Evolutionary and Involutionary aspects are prehaps nearly impossible to understand.
It contains no photographs, which any modern Evolutionary text book can contain.

Because both sides of this controversy have their element of truth, the controversy will continue until common ground is found and deeper understanding of universal processes becomes more common.

Best Regards
Dewey Ross Duffel